Whats the best infusion for lothric knight greatsword? for ultimate STR its gonna be Fume though. RELATED: Every Class In Dark Souls 3, Ranked. I wish the halberds weapon art had the oomf the Astora UGS has! Posted by 3 years ago. I really enjoy it, I’ve used profaned for bosses that are weak to it or weak to fire, but do love my ags. Personally I love a Heavy Cathedral Knight GS. even though is a hair less stronger than Greatsword it looks so nice. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The best in that scenario would be the blessed LKGS on a faith build, which can use its regen to force aggression as well. For me it's either Greatsword or Zweihander. Get Free Ds3 Best Weapons now and use Ds3 Best Weapons immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping. The fire buff WA looks so very sexy, and it has very good damage on a quality build. I started using Vordt's great hammer and liked it, then lately I've been using the Exile Greatsword. Don't listen to the naysayers, not all Ultra Greatswords are low tier for duels, and one in particular can be surprisingly resilient. It is an excellent choice for you if you like the claymore but with some extra power behind it. The displayed number may seem lower but a lot of ppl have lower Strike def. Fume is similar, but heavier (so less poise), and no thrust. I decided to look it up and couldn't find a definitive answer.I've finally caught up with everyone else,and this will be my first dark souls game with an active pvp population so I'm curious. Love the moveset and range. 15 comments. It's a lot heavier then the Exile Greatsword too and if there's a better STR weapon that's lighter I'd prefer that. If you could let us know what you are going for, we could help better. Those sword look soooooo cool. Best build for Lothric Knight Greatsword? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Do a quality build with (40/40) and infuse it with nothing. The lightest Ultra-Greatsword; at 8.0 its weight is comparable to standard greatswords. hide. DuDuDu10101 4 years ago #6. However, it requires 50 STR … that thing is a beast even after the nerf. No pokes, slow rolling R1. LastChance. King's Ultra Greatsword : 180 70: 0 10: 0 50: 0 50: 0 35: 0-0 25 - 25 25 - 25: 110 - 60 45: 50 A: 10 E-----70 28-Trade Soul of The King to Weaponsmith Ornifex (10,000 souls). < > Showing 1-15 of 77 comments . But they are basically all good for different situations. With a Sharp infusion at +10, the scaling grants it almost 2 AR per level after the 40 DEX softcap. Or. Would it be better to infuse it with heavy, get the required dex and pump levels into strength. Zwei hander is one of the best ultra greatswords you can acquire. Fextra Video location (starts at 59m 59s) Moveset and Videos: (If your name is not on THIS list, please do not post videos here. 72% Upvoted. hide. PvP. And what stats to utilize it best? I prefer a heavy infused Cathedral Knight Greatsword for its looks and move set. Hey everyone Games here, back again with another video and today we will be using my Ultra Greatsword Build! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. User Info: The_VV. It combines a Greatsword and a dagger and has a rather unique and pleasing move set as well. Best ultra greatsword for pvp. best end game greatsword for strength (maybe quality) build? For gank spanking mainly. If you're going for a strength build, definitely consider the Fume Ultra Greatsword. The charged two handed R2 can "elevate" your experience, and the one handed R2 poke has better tracking than Champion Gundyr. Second,why … When I first picked up this weapon the lack of swinging r1's made me take a pass, but now it's one of my favorites! This thread is archived. Jun 13, 2016 @ 12:38pm use the fume ultra greatsword. 24 Str, 39 Dex, and 46 Fth will net you 739AR on a Blessed infusion. Thanks. Location/Where to Find. save hide report. 55% Upvoted. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Astora Greatsword. I like when stuffs go into fire. The fire effect's way too cool and weapon's skill can stagger and stun even some bosses and heavy enemies.I like Pontiff a lot too and it's all come together. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Now onto the Fume. I prefer a heavy infused Cathedral Knight Greatsword for its looks and move set. Profaned for the win. It gets an S in Intelligence scaling. best . Fume Ultra Greatsword. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The_VV 4 years ago #5. I'm currently running Cathedral just for fashion souls. 6. share. level 1. best. Depends on your build, but for a standard quality build I'd say Gael's or ringed knight's paired are the best right now. Fume Ultra Great Sword Cathedral Knight Greatsword Greatsword all 3 of these are great. The best Curved Greatsword in terms of damage, but is the worst in terms of range. Archived. Each swing of Fume Ultra Greatsword possesses massive power and range, and it also has a thrust attack that doubles as a knockdown for your enemies. Best build for Lothric Knight Greatsword? This thread is archived. It's absolutely devastating. Imo "greatsword" is the best for bossing and killing npcs in general, but it's the only ugs which i'v used beside abyss watchers' ugs. Also thats sweet R1 to uncharged R2 poke combo. The Exile Greatsword is by far the best curved Greatsword as it deals the most damage of any curved sword but at the cost of terrible range. I was torn between the Long Sword (but that is pretty similar to the Dark Sword), or an Ultra Great Sword, Guth-whatever Twinswords, or a Katana (Uchi or Chaos?). I'm pretty new to the game, and I've only used the Exile greatsword. This thread is archived. 10 comments. The cathedral knight greatsword is a great option. My STR is only 34 right now, so I'll have to level it up to 50. Without further due, here is the top 5 greatsword you should consider using when playing Dark Souls 3. Vitaermisごみ箱. User Info: DuDuDu10101. I think that depends A LOT on your particular build. Not a fan of fancy elemental swords. I'd say the profaned UGS + Lothric UGS buffed with lighting IMO. I always end up doing the Same damage with evry ugs. I am personally partial to Lorians UGS as it has quite decent damage and has a built in buff. level 1. One of the best weapons to use elemental infusions with because of it's low requirements and high scaling. Close. Currently using claymore. From the Cleansing Chapel, head toward the graveyard and follow the first pathway on the left. Zodd3224 4 years ago #2. What do you think is the best ultra greatsword? Drakewing Ultra Greatsword: 142 70: 0 10: 0 50: 0 50: 0 35: 0 - 0 25 - 25 25 - 25: 130 - 50 45: 20 D: 18 B-----70 12-Trade Guardian Dragon Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex (1,500 souls). If you need something light, Astora it's pretty good. save. Sort by . share. K0sMos 4 years ago #1. Right now im using the zheiwander and i wonder wich one is the best for a dex build . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Mfw I make a second account for ten more character slots. To each his own. Zweihander Ultra Greatsword. It allows you more poise than any other UGS because of only needing STR. I like Profaned Greatsword myself. I just got FUGS and I am considering using it, but I'm not sure how good it is. BEST SELLING; NEW & INTERESTING ; BEAUTY & HEALTH; LIFE STYLE; EDUCATION; E-COMMERCE; TECHNOLOGY; Sorted by: A-Z; Z-A; Most Relevance; Language: All Language; English; Others; Share this: HOME; REVIEW; DS3 BEST WEAPONS; List Of DS3 BEST WEAPONS. It's gt the thrust, but it's pure STR, so stack up on poise too. IT'S TIME FOR THE LOTHRIC SPACE PROGRAM. 13 comments. Despite its innate lightning damage, it retains the ability to be infused, which makes you think about the myriad of other weapons that can’t be infused due to having a tiny extra effect (I’m looking at you, Executioner’s Greatsword). Drops from Watchdog of Farron NPC outside Farron Keep. BKGS. Starting with DS3 I decided to go the Qualtiy/Refined route and in nearly every instance I have found the AR increase to be pretty substantial compared to STR/Heavy. "Greatsword" is my favorite ultra great sword. share. Best greatsword/ultra greatsword in DS3? User Info: 2hackerz. Jesus christ does not a single person in this thread know the difference between an ultra greatsword and a greatsword. I'm pretty new to the game, and I've only used the Exile greatsword. It's insanely heavy but the moveset is really versatile, plus it has really good range. Ultras have been acknowledged by most as pretty bad, but a few players have made arguments that some are viable in PvP settings. Astora GS is the best. Report Save. Press J to jump to the feed. Sort by. #1. report. 3 years ago. User Info: Moeperry. GrayHound. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Creative Player's Greatsword. Horizontal Ultra Greatswords have the standard Ultra Greatsword moveset when they are 1-handed and 2-handed, but are good for hitting multiple opponents due to its wide range. I made a new character as well, so I don't have a ton of stats yet, but my goal is strength, though I could easily go quality from here (it's not too late). What is the best Ultra greatsword with non split damage? Make it heavy, then go to town. 2hackerz 3 years ago #2. Imo "greatsword" is the best for bossing and killing npcs in general, but it's the only ugs which i'v used beside abyss watchers' ugs. Best GS is Gael's Best UGS probably is RKPUGS for PvP and maybe LKGS for PvE. At very high stats (60 in Str/Dex/Lck) this weapons performs best with Blessed Weapon. It's my favorite weapon in ds2 and ds3. Found in the Cathedral of the Deep. report. Apr 18, 2018 @ 12:20pm Sharp, and then buff it with lightning blade/resin. I consider it to be the best UGS in the game. It even lets you block to adequate results even without a shield. I haven't played the game in a while. Best 5 greatsword in Dark Souls 3 you should Use. The ringed knight great swords are my new favorite, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Profaned GS. 5. Lothric Knight Ultra with 24/80 STR, DEX, or base requirments + Blessed and 60 Faith. User Info: Zodd3224. Reviews, Pros … In this video I explore the UGS class in DS3 and determine which UGS is best. share. So for the entirety of my Dark Souls gaming life I have always rocked Strength builds - Pop 40 points into Str and just let it rip to put it nicely. The sword is on a corpse in front of a big tombstone, guarded by a kneeling Reanimated Corpse. The Farron Greatsword is an ultra Greatsword especially good for quality builds. JaKeD. Jun 13, 2016 @ 12:37pm Astora against noobs Lightning buffed Lothric GS for the best damage BKGS for the best unbuffed damage, moveset and looks (my favorite, I dislike buffs) #1. This Ultra Greatsword is actually unique mechanics-wise. Ive seen people absolutely destroy with it, and I wanted to know how < > Showing 1-12 of 12 comments . I just started playing again today, so I'm a bit rusty on everything. I’m not sure if I would call it the best; other ugs’ probably have more hyperarmor or poise and I’m not a big fan of the charge weapon art. Moeperry 4 years ago #10. 60% Upvoted. What is the best quality weapon for PvE to have Refined +10? Gael's isn't super great especially for pvp, but the moveset on it is fucking crazy and fun. Fume Ultra Greatsword probably has the most raw power out of all the greatsword in the game due to its damage type being Strike (which is not commonly resisted) and a downright brutal moveset. The Astora Greatsword is lightest Ultra Greatsword in the game, which gives players more flexibility when allocating points. Hope you enjoy. If i want to use a strong ugs, i have to raise equip load. Gamertag - lnline Six. The reasoning for them was that the best are the horizontal ones with the poke rolling attack. I shall have my revenge .... Hotsuma - Shinobi PSN : Woochief. How to get: It is also dropped by Knight Slayer Tsorig, which can be located under the Smoldering Lake. Astora Greatsword is a good dex weapon too, which you can find near the cleansing chapel, in the graveyard full of zombies. Astora is cool, is lightweight, horizontal r1s, can be buffed. Sort by. Which greatsword is best for your character is a combination of your preferred playstyle and the abilities of your build, but if you’re looking for a general overview of the best greatswords then these are ones you should really consider wielding. Ultra-Great Swords Demon Great Machete BKGS Imo both the claymore (GS) and the Zweihander (UGS) are better options, even the greatsword is good but these weapons require both Str/Dex to deal full damage. I’m on my first playthrough of a souls game ever and have used the Astora great sword for most of it (just got to the ringed city). save. Wich is the best ultra greatsword? I have noticed a thing. User Info: K0sMos. Or. He asked for a greatsword,not an ultra greatsword. It also isn't too heavy which is nice, I like the normal ultra greatsword but the black knight greatsword is also very good and fun to launch people up in the air with.

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