Andrej Martin after two challenger trophies: The victories are the result of hard work

Slovakia Davis Cup players and member of Trnava´s EMPIRE Tennis Academy Andrej Martin is looking forward that original Kosice event - which were played later in Poprad - has settled down in the capital city Bratislava for this year. Bratislava Open will take place from 17th to 23rd June on clay courts of Slovan Bratislava tennis club. It´s near the house, where Andrej Martin lives. He expected great support from his fans and friends.

You recently won two challenger tournaments in Nanchang, China, and Shymkent, Kazakhstan. You were in the semi-final in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. How satisfied are you with your current form?

“I play well (smile). But it comes as a result of hard work and the fact I have started to make right things. I've been playing well since the beginning of the season. I had a good preparation before the start. I just missed the result I expected in the beginning of the season. But as I was able to beat some opponents, I gained confidence. Since then, my games went much easier and I started to win. I have jumped on the right way – the way I was planning to catch.”

Does it mean you made some changes during your preparation for the actual season?

“I have decided long ago to work without a coach, to take more responsibility for myself. My fitness coach helped me with this, so my friends did it during tournaments. Without them I would not have the results I had in the last period. They support me on matches and training. They help me with the things I work on. It suits me, so I would like to drag this as long as possible. We'll see how far I could get to use this job system. ”

What is the main advantage of not having a coach?

“It has both - advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that I am responsible for myself. I can plan everything I need. It depends on how responsible and strict I am to myself. But I'm not the young anymore and I know what I need to play well. I know moments, when I need to push myself and also moments, when I need to start relax little bit. I think it works and results came also. "

What will you do before the challenger in Bratislava?

“I have two tournaments in Kazakhstan on the agenda. After them I will play at Bratislava challenger. ”

Was the right thing to move tournament from Poprad to Bratislava in your opinion?

“When I learned that it was held in Bratislava, it was a very pleasant surprise for me. Slovan is the club where I grew up and where I spent most of my career. It is even closer to my house than to the NTC, which is currently about 60 meters. I have it under the windows and it is a very specific feeling for me to play the same level in a tournament as when I have to travel for example eleven hours by plane. I am very pleased that all my friends and relatives can come and see me. ”

There will be another challenger in Bratislava – in November this year, but not on clay. It will be on hard surface. Which surface do you prefer?

"Clay. When this tournament is running on hard, I always say it's a pity I can't play on clay. Now my dream came true. Tournament will be on Bratislava and we will be playing on clay. It is also a motivation for me to make a good result. I will be glad to play as many matches as possible before my friends. Last, but not least I have better chances on clay. It means enough motivation to try to be successful."

You have got a wild card for main doubles competition. Who will you play with?

"With my friend Ivan Kosec, who is helping me a lot. I want to thank for his cooperation and this looks as a good chance to do it. Maybe we'll get some result."

Photos by: 
Milan Hutera, www.empire-tennis-academy.com

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