Dubai, United Arab Emiratesm WTA Premier 5, 2 828 000 USD,  Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, hard, outdoor: 1R, Daria KASATKINA (RUS) - Magdalena FRECH (POL) ?-?.

Dubai, United Arab Emiratesm WTA Premier 5, 2 828 000 USD,  Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, hard, outdoor: 1R, Daria KASATKINA (RUS) - Magdalena FRECH (POL) ?-?.

EMPIRE Women's Indoor 2018 with Vivien Juhaszova again, she praised her cooperation with the coach Durdik

Vivien Juhaszova (24), EMPIRE Tennis Academy member, coached by Martin Durdik, has played EMPIRE Women's Indoor tournament a year ago also. She was able to advance to the quarterfinals in singles and final in doubles. New season - as in the past season - will start for her at home side on hard court and she will be one of the favourites for the overall triumph in the upcoming tournament. 

How you were satisfied with the last season?
"I had to divide it to better and worse half. The second one went actually much better. Still, I think the best days are still waiting for me."

What are the biggest benefits of the year 2017 for you?
"I really appreciated is that I did not suffered elbow injury, because the elbow hurts me in some moments during the first part of the season. I have been able to get in shape than, which was the biggest positive for me. Also came some good performances, which was good and perspective."

Which success did you value the most?
"Winning 15,000 USD tournament in Spain in November. I went to play minor tournament after half year and was able to win all matches at one tournament, which was perfect. And also advance to semi-final at October in Spain, where I proved to beat many good players. I was so close to play in the final."

Why you decided stop playing after the tournaments in Spain? 
"There were almost no events on clay, just in Africa, which I do not like very much. I played on clay all season, so somehow to finish the season on hard surface did not come to me logical. We decided, I mean together with my coach Durdik, to prefer rather longer training and preparation for the new season.”

You will start the new season just in February in Trnava. Which program you planned for January and what is your daily program like?
"I had been training whole January and going to school. The daily program was as usual: two-phase training of tennis, fitness training and light stretching, fitness or yoga. Meanwhile, of course, I eat five times (smiling)."

A year ago, you have played in Trnava in the quarterfinals of singles and in the final of doubles with teammate Sandra Jamrichova. You lost the doubles with the late winner Mendes. How do you rate your performance?
“It’s great we have tournament at home side, in Trnava. I take it as ideal start to the season. The advantage is I do not have travel anywhere. This is my only one tournament on the hard surface and is also specific because of home fans. I have no reason to be satisfied with advanced just to the quarterfinal at tournament like this, with just 15 000 USD level, but as a place, where to start, it was not bad.”

The tournament is also featured your friend and frequent doubles partner Agnes Bukta. Will you play together? How did you know her for the first time and why you are so close?
"Sure, she will come just to see me (laughs). We had met a long time ago, I don’t remember exactly. We were about 11 years old. Later, when we have been around 17, we set out for the tournament, as we both went there alone. We liked each other and decided to play together. Since then, we've been traveling together a lot. We're trying to support each other and also gives each other some good advices. Sometimes is not possible, as we had to face each other in the match.”

Where do you see benefit from cooperation with the coach Martin Durdík from EMPIRE Tennis Academy? How does it help you?
"Martin understands me on the court and off the court. He always tries to keep me positive. Even when something went wrong during training. You can imagine it. We worked a lot for having good strokes and good movement technique. Those are the things, which I missed to be able to get at Top 200 in the WTA ranking."

How do you like playing at the Trnava club and the EMPIRE Tennis Academy?
"It is currently the best club in Slovakia. Reason, why many foreign players are training here. There are a lot of girls we can manage as a sparring. It's also great to have the ability to train during winter months on both surfaces. "

How do you like to play in front of home fans and who will come to see your matches?
"For me, it is not the big difference. When you consider, it’s just USD 15,000 tournament, you cannot expect that there will be 1,000 people. Nevertheless, I look forward to the tournament and actually for the whole tournament season. I hope it will be better than the past one (smile)."


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