Dubai, United Arab Emiratesm WTA Premier 5, 2 828 000 USD,  Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, hard, outdoor: 1R, Daria KASATKINA (RUS) - Magdalena FRECH (POL) ?-?.

Dubai, United Arab Emiratesm WTA Premier 5, 2 828 000 USD,  Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, hard, outdoor: 1R, Daria KASATKINA (RUS) - Magdalena FRECH (POL) ?-?.

Lenka Stara was a runner-up at the U16 Summer Slovak Championship

Lenka Stara, Juraj Jancovic, U16 Slovak Championship

Trnava hosted another youth tennis event in the TC EMPIRE club. This time, Under 16 girls and boys played for the Slovakian Championship trophy. Lenka Stara, home based player, also participated at the event. After winning the U18 title in Zilina, she could become the first player with titles from both youth categories. Lenka did not extend her winning streak and was beaten in the final by Barbora Matusova.

Lenka Stara entered the final after a win in the semis against her club colleague Kiara Petrovicka in straight sets 6-4, 6-2. Unfortunately, on Friday, she was not at her best on her home courts and she lost in the match for the trophy with Matusova 2:6, 2:6. "Lenka did not show her optimum today. She did not move well on the courts, her decision making in the important rallies was not ideal. She was very nervous before the game, and therefore she was slower on the courts," started explaining reasons of her final defeat coach Juraj Jancovic.

Member of the EMPIRE Tennis Academy Lenka Stara did not catch the beginning of the match. Her opponent served well and was also winning points on return. Matusova quickly grabbed the lead 4-0 in the first set. "I was really nervous already before the match. My legs did not work for me and I could not hit the courts today. It was my second final in the Championships in short time and having two titles would have been great. Maybe because of that," continued Lenka Stara.

Matusova controlled the first set and won it easily 6-2. In the beginning of the second set, she managed to take Lenka Stara's serve quickly, Matusova did not make as many unforced errors and she was playing defensively well. Although Lenka fought hard, got back into the match, winning two games to make it 2-4, but Matusova did not allow big drama in Trnava and took the second set in her favour with the same score as the first one - 6-2. "Lenka was struggling with herself. She is very active player, her matches are about her playing – either she wins the game for herself or loses it," continued Juraj Jancovic.

Successful period

Despite Friday's result, Lenka achieved great results recently. Coach Juraj Jancovic  is not worried about her final defeat. On contrary, he is very satisfied with Lenka's performances and her progress over the last couple of months. "She did great job last two weeks. Of course, it is a pity, she could not grab the title today, however we must not forget she won the U18 title in the singles and doubles and was a finalist here at U16 event. She succeeded in several difficult matches. She could have become the first lady to take the title from both categories, however positive impressions remain."

Lenka Stara is improving in her game as Juraj Jancovic confirms: "She has improved in her movement on the courts, she is more relaxed. She is calm in the decisive moments and more intelligent." Stara, after series of home tournaments will feature abroad in the upcoming months. She will play ITF events in Germany and England, and by winning the Slovakian Championship, she also qualified for the European Championship in both individual and teams´ competitions.


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