New EMPIRE Tennis Academy physiotherapy centre in Trnava

This top medical facility, which serves not only professional athletes but also the public, commenced operation in August 2019 and is located in the international EMPIRE Tennis Academy building, in Cukrova street, Trnava.

Physiotherapy of EMPIRE focuses on the treatment of acute, painful conditions and chronic diseases and brings comprehensive physiotherapeutic diligence to Trnava. The preparation of the facility itself was very demanding.

“We've worked a lot on that. Ordinary people use our services, either due to a medical diagnosis or due to difficulties encountered postoperatively. It is obvious that sportsmen and women do visit us here, because Trnava is a sports town and athletes have nowhere else to go. There is comprehensive diligence here. I wanted hydrotherapy here because hydrotherapy is well recognised for its therapeutic and restorative benefits which are applicable to a large group of diagnoses. Hydrotherapy is often used in various functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system, in post-traumatic conditions and to assist in correcting children’s poor body posture, where postural muscle requires adjustment, besides it being used by athletes for reconditioning and regeneration," says the chief physiotherapist Jana Janovičová.

A tailored rehabilitation programme will be created by specialists, according to client’s individual needs. Each client is added to the information system and a tailor-made programme is prepared for them.

"I think that the feedback has been positive. You will find here, ordinary people who have undergone surgery or who have some degenerative disease of their locomotive apparatus. There are children here with incorrect body posture and also other athletes, not just tennis players but football and ice hockey players, who are starting to use this centre," confirms Jana Janovičová.

Cooperation with doctors

The centre also works with doctors who trust EMPIRE physiotherapy and send them their patients. There is a relaxation area as part of the physiotherapy section, which includes sauna, a swimming pool, a large gym and a variety of massages are also available.    

“We also offer electrotherapy, ultrasound, lymphatic drainage, oxygentherapy and more. In the physical therapy room, there is a combined electrotherapy device which performs both ultrasound and lymphatic drainage (for the lower limbs). We also have distance electrotherapy, using an electromagnet or a classical magnet," explains Janovičová, who is glad to have the rooms available for young patients also. "We also prepared a special room for children, to make them feel more comfortable here."    

And what else would she like to see in the centre? 
“We would like to buy more equipment, such as a high-power laser. We would also like to work with a doctor who is qualified in performing CO2 injections," she added.

The EMPIRE physiotherapy centre is only open on weekdays, with the following hours:
Mondays: 07:30 to 16:00,
Tuesdays: 07:30 to 20:00,
Wednesdays: 07:30 to 20:00,
Thursdays:07:30 to 20:00,
Fridays: 07:30 to 16:00

Photos by: 
Ivan Kopcani, www.empire-tennis-academy.com

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