St. Petersburg, Russia, WTA Premier, St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy, 823 000 usd, hard, indoor: 1R, Daria KASATKINA (RUS) - BYE, 2R: Maria SHARAPOVA (RUS) walkover, QF: Vera ZVONAREVA (RUS) 3-6 6-7(3).

St. Petersburg, Russia, WTA Premier, St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy, 823 000 usd, hard, indoor: 1R, Daria KASATKINA (RUS) - BYE, 2R: Maria SHARAPOVA (RUS) walkover, QF: Vera ZVONAREVA (RUS) 3-6 6-7(3).

Vladimir Platenik has trained with Lucie Safarova in Slovakia

Elite Czech player and member of Trnava EMPIRE Tennis Academy Lucie Safarova has spent several days in Slovakia in preparation for a series of tournaments at USA on hard courts. During her stay she worked with the head of the coaches at that international academy, Vladimir Platenik. Lucie is now looking for the new coach, but she is not hurry with this decision.

Vladimir Platenik is the coach of another member of academy Daria Kasatkina already, but the Russia player suffered injury and decide to have a break for a few days in addition. "After Wimbledon I had a few days off and I was thinking about the upcoming weeks. Since I started to work with EMPIRE Tennis Academy in Trnava, I contacted Vlado Platenik and asked if there is a chance to join them. He surprised me saying I could come and even train with him. So I am here," said Lucie Safarova for

Lucie spent four days at Slovakia, training not just with Platenik but also with Tereza Mihalakova as her sparring. Czech player is still without personal coach but with finding the new one she prefers to be patient. "I am looking for the person who will be able to push me forward and it's not so easy for me. Especially the coach spends a lot of time with the player. It´s important for me it must be person who will understand me in a friendly way too. So I am looking for a good coach, a former player looks as the best possibility. There are not such a lot of people like these. But I am glad to be able to join Vlado for a few days," explained player, who recently cooperated with countryman Frantisek Cermak.

"I know Vlado for a long time, he's a great coach, but we did not train in the past. He has worked with many excellent players. He definitely helped them on the way up the WTA ranked. Now he leads Kasatkina and did it well. I was on the court with him for the first time and it was great," added Lucie Safarova, who trains for the tournaments at Toronto, Cincinnati and US Open in the upcoming weeks.

Vladimir Platenik: We are trying to help Lucie

Vladimir Platenik welcome current co-operation. "We understand each other. I'm glad she called me and we have got a chance to help her. I know her for a long time, since 2003. The atmosphere during our training hours was relaxed. I enjoyed the time also. It's fun to play with someone else sometimes. It's not about day-to-day responsibility, it's not monotone," explain advantages of this short co-operation Platenik. He knows very well it will be tough for Czech to find a good new coach.

"Certainly I will try to advise her. I offered her she can call at any time and we would like to help her. She belongs to experience players, who prefer to go their own way. Paying a full-time coach is very costly. Maybe she doesn't feel the need to pay somebody big money right now. She wants to be free for a moment," thinks Daria Kasatkina's coach.

Russia is now copes with health problems. "Daria has troubles with Rome injury. She played at Roland Garros just two weeks since that. The leg didn't hurt, there were no swelling. Just with slightly pain before the game with Halep. She had week free after Paris tournament, than we started with easy train on the grass. But as we added intensity, the tendon swelling has appeared. We had to have longer break as we plan. But she will come to Trnava after the break. She wanted to play at Toronto, but I think is not a good idea. We will have bit of time for good preparation. But the decision is on her," said Vladimir Platenik.

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