St. Petersburg, Russia, WTA Premier, St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy, 823 000 usd, hard, indoor: 1R, Daria KASATKINA (RUS) - BYE, 2R: Maria SHARAPOVA (RUS) walkover, QF: Vera ZVONAREVA (RUS) 3-6 6-7(3).

St. Petersburg, Russia, WTA Premier, St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy, 823 000 usd, hard, indoor: 1R, Daria KASATKINA (RUS) - BYE, 2R: Maria SHARAPOVA (RUS) walkover, QF: Vera ZVONAREVA (RUS) 3-6 6-7(3).


Tennis trainings

The common denominator of our approach is emphasis on training, the sufficient intensity and maximum concentration of the player who should put up comparable performance in training, but also under pressure during the match. The players have to control individually the tactical handling of individual in the game positions and situations, as we try to make them never lack the motivation to improve, work on themselves, achieve the results and win.

Our aim is to provide training at a high level, so the players can learn the basics of good techniques, game strategy, fitness and mental preparation (including organizing training camps and proper nutrition that would help them not only on the court but also off the court. "As a coach, I try to approach to each player's abilities. I'm trying to lead my players to perfectionism. In women's tennis, it has to be closer to men's tennis. My effort is to achieve the most from the potential of each player," says Vladimir Platenik, the head coach of the EMPIRE Tennis Academy. He is a former coach of Dominika Cibulkova, Nadia Petrova, Yanina Wickmayer and others top WTA players.

Tennis trainings are under his supervision as well as under the supervision of renown Slovak coaches: Miloslav Grolmus, Kamil Capkovic & Martin Durdik.


Fitness trainings

Quality of the fitness training in the EMPIRE Tennis Academy is guaranteed by renown and respected coach Kristian Cupak. The fitness training of elite athletes is very complex in the contemporary sport.

It includes testing, evaluation and incorporation of test results into the training process. This is done by our tennis coaches. Such detailed motion analysis and testing is essential for players academy that could lead to the optimization of their preparation. They will learn how to perform each exercise in a technically correct way and then they learn how to do it correctly at the tournament, before and after the matches, in order to prevent the injuries. Finally, it all results into formation of the serious and world-renowned tennis academy.

It is important for us that the whole process of admission of the Academy members and working with them has to have professional approach in the fitness, tennis and physiotherapy area. We keep track on the news in fitness training. When cooperating with the player, we like to point out the rules that have to be agreed and shall be adhered to. When we really care about someone, we want one hundred percent commitment.



In today's tennis is physiotherapy or rehabilitation very important for the regeneration of players. Tennis players have very demanding training program and matches schedule at tournaments where they must cope with a heavy burden. It is an unbelievable strain on the body - asymmetric load on the body segments. The body suffers and it's being destroyed. Physiotherapy is here to help to young players and professionals to regenerate. However, it also serves as a precaution, when we find out that a tennis player can have the health problems. And last but not least it is to help to players to return on the court after health problems. "My job here at the EMPIRE Tennis Academy is the diagnosis and treatment of each players issue - a weak stomach, poor posture, scoliosis, injuries of ankles, wrists, arms, elbows, knees, and the spine. The problem areas of the body I can release, massage and tape. I teach the players to practice during their free time," says Andrej Horvath, the physiotherapist.

Horvath emphasizes in care to practice proper posture, the muscle balance in the main stabilizing muscles of the spine and to maintain elasticity, which usually the players don't have, because the solidify. Individual findings are consulted with fitness coaches of the EMPIRE Academy Tennis Academy.

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