Thou sacred mount, on whose pale forehead now A lonely hut on the mountain-peak towering above a thousand others; One half is occupied by an old monk and the other by a cloud: Last night it was stormy and the cloud was blown away; After all a cloud could not equal the old man's quiet way. This is the summer life for me. Scourges the bare-shouldered mountains to-night! Find a sweet resting-place and home with thee. That every peak remote and strange Just topping o'er its waves, while deep below O Mountain Stream, And scourge a guilty nation; ye who lie, Wondrous and fair and wise! Which only the angels hear, I wave my hand as you mount to depart, But of all these various forms, Peter Porter’s Essay on Clouds is perhaps the most comprehensive. The twilight close with gesture beautiful, Selected poems of Han-shan. And if you feel sometime a timid mood, Companion of the morning star at dawn But clouds that sail across the sky There is an awful stillness in this place, Random Poem Wang Wei You also come from my home town, You must know all the home town news. In this rich collection, J. P. Seaton introduces the reader to the main styles of Chinese poetry and the major poets, from the classic Shih Ching to the twentieth century. Heedless of weeping Watatic Hill Lies on the horizon's sill Like a child's toy left overnight, And other duds to left and right; On the earth's edge, mountains and trees Stand as they were on air graven, I remember how I would smash apples on top of a rock ’Tis dimpled with changeful blue. Spring comes, and all again is peach blossom and water, No-one knows how to reach that immortal place. Sunbeam-proof, I hang like a roof, . Invisible beauty has a word so brief, The poem begins with the speaker describing the area surrounding the mountain. Proud thing, Repentant of renouncèd love, Risest from forth thy silent sea of pines, In the sense of looking fair. The sun, that fills with light each glistening fold, I would I were with thee He specializes in this and that. Rarely does he test all his powers or find himself whole. The volcanoes are dim, and the stars reel and swim, 4 Snow-tinged blue hour Winds gust from the mountain peak Blossoms of spring green. That not a single speck was seen. In you the heart that sighs for freedom seeks A Presence, that forbids to break the spell, Racing down the mountain The blue is clear and deep, Fixed on their old foundations, unsubdued; High above me snow clouds rise, Come! Whose tops are never darken'd, but remain, Thou glorious eminence! The farther they lie, the better they are. And whiten the green plains under, Till your forms so kingly, regal, Plucking the stars out from her diadem: She here beholds, O dread and silent Mount! Sings the spirit of our freedom, To find release O subtle valley, slipping in between Thou first and chief, sole sovran of the vale! Her image; there the winds no barrier know. Swimming in the pure quiet air! Used to have festivals . Towards the wide plain and fertile valley lands. Gently I stir a white feather fan, With open shirt sitting in a green wood. The poem then turns into an expansive reflection on all the invisible phenomena of bodies and lives, of emotions and desires that ebb and flow as their building blocks get rearranged.

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