Flag: A banner for the State of Nebraska shall consist of a reproduction of the great seal of the state, charged on the center in gold and silver on a field of national blue. Many well-known symbols represent the state seal created by a law the legislature passed a law calling for a state flag. How to transfigure the Wikipedia . Numerous species of goldenrod grow throughout the state. Nebraska State Fish: Channel Catfish (Legislation of 1997) Nebraska State Insect: Honey Bee (Legislation of 1975) Nebraska State Gemstone: Blue Agate (Legislation of 1967) Official State Seal: Enlarge Seal. State law says no part of the state flag is to be used as a business advertisement or trademark, and insulting the flag is forbidden. The western meadowlark (Sturnella neglecta) was designated the state bird by legislative action in 1929. The western meadowlark is abundant throughout the state and is noted for its joyous song. The lion’s head press, which imprinted the seal, was used for official business for a remarkable 138 years. The mechanic arts are represented by a smith with hammer and anvil. In the background, a train is heading toward the Rocky Mountains, which are in view in the west. List of Nebraska state symbols. Nebraska's State Symbols . Nebraska's official flag was adopted in 1925. The blue agate can be found in northwestern Nebraska, where it formed in wind-blown silt and claystone. State Bird. symbols. statesymbolsusa.org. Nebraska Entered the Union: March 1, 1867 (37) Capital ... 400 x 204 jpeg 20kB. Photo by Mary Rumple/Flickr (all rights reserved). // "I" key e.metaKey : e.ctrlKey)) { Heineman announced his selection of the Chimney Rock design at a June 1, 2005, news conference at the State Capitol. The Nebraska quarter was part of the U.S. Commemorative Quarter Design Program, which was launched by the U.S. Mint in 1999 to honor all 50 states. That's it. In the top of the circle is the state motto: “Equality Before the Law.” The circle is surrounded with the words, “Great Seal of the State of Nebraska, March 1st, 1867.”. The Platte, formed by the junction of the North Platte and South Platte rivers near the city of North Platte, flows east through central Nebraska … Symbol Year Image Motto: Equality Before the Law: 1867 Seal: The Seal of Nebraska: 1867 Flower: Goldenrod (Solidago gigantea) 1895 Poet laureate: John Neihardt: 1921 Flag: A blue background with the seal of Nebraska superimposed on the center. Largest Cities: Statehood Day - when NE became a state. [CDATA[// >
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